12.12 Patch Notes [EN]

Translated by Yode from Koleverii Discord


Note that the translated patch notes only cover notable changes and not everything. More detailed patch notes can be found here (Korean)


※ We will gather info from all player’s submit for classes balance change to make a complete patch in near future. Right now we can only provide you guys with this small patch, this will effect in both PvE and PvP. Please take your time reading this. Hope you guys have a fun time playing the game.


Skill builder update to 12.12 (Destroyer, BM, Blaster no update 🙁 )

Balance Changes


  • Sharp Eye https://i.imgur.com/TbUnNwV.png
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 20.8%.
    • When using the “Defenseless Target” tri-pod http://lostarktree.ru/wp-content/themes/modernize/tripod_icon/tripodicon/Tripod_Tier_2_30.png, you increase the dmg increase effect from stunned or neutralized enemies up to 50%
    • Increased the dmg of “Unstoppable Force” from 80% -> 100%.
    • Increased dmg to 50% when using “Charging” TriPod .
  • Shielder https://i.imgur.com/LEtHD1y.png
    • Remove the debuff slowing your enemy attack speed when attack
  • Charge Stinger
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 8.3%.
    • Increased the last dmg of the tripod “Last Charge”  up to 40% dmg.
  • Counter sphere
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 4.2%.
  • Spear shot 
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 12.5%.
  • Burst Cannon
    • Increased dmg to 50% when using “Concentrated” tri-pod 


  • Double slash 
    • Increased dmg from 50% to 60% when using a “Double Pain” tripod
    • Adding 60% more dmg when using the tripod “Remaining Sword”  and leave behind a flame that can deal dmg to enemy
  • Finish strike
    • Increased the dmg up to 16%
    • Neutralization upgrade from “Normal” -> “High”.
  •  Whirlwind
    • When using the first tripod (lvl 10) , increase the dmg up to 50%.
    • For the second tripod (lvl 10)  will increase the dmg up to 60%.
  • Hellblade
    • Increased the skill base dmg to 16.7%.
    • When using the tripod “Flip” The dmg will increase up to 60%.
  • Wind blade
    • Increased dmg from 60% to 80% when using “Blast” Tripod
    • Increased dmg from 30% to 40% when using the “Windswift” Tripod
  • Strike Wave
    • Increased the neutralization from “Normal” -> “High”.
  • Reddust
    • Increased 50% crit dmg for all party member when using the second tripod (lvl 10).
  • Bloody Rush
    • Increased the neutralization from “Normal” -> “Highest”.


  • Gravity core
    • Increased magic dmg apply from 5%, 15%, 30% to 10%, 25% and 45% depending on the number of gravity cores.
  • Specialization
    • Per core will now give bonus dmg for your attack in the gravity field.
    • Increased the attack speed + dmg while having enough energy core while using.
  • Gravity Impact
    • With the “Lucky Core” tripod , increased the chance to get another core up to 75%.
  • Power Strike
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 12.5%.
  • Neutralizer
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 12.5%.
  • Charging
    • When applying the “Lucky Core” Tripod , increased the chance to get another core up to 50%.
  • Earth
    • Increased dmg from 100% to 150% when using the “Land of Fury” tri-pod
    • Fix the bug whield using the second tripod where it not apply correctly .
      • Causing an earthquake in the shape of a fan within 7m, adding 15% dmg and making an earthquake for 2 seconds.
    • When applying the “Thunder Storm” Tripo  in PvP, you can freely move after using the skill and only the one getting hit by the skill can’t not move from the zone.
  • Earthsmasher
    • Increased the basic dmg of the skill by 20.0%.
  • Full swing 
    • Increased overcharge dmg from 100% to 125% when using the “Bloodlust” tri-pod
  • One Man Army
    • When using the “Fatal Hammer” Tripod , you increase the dmg of the last hit from 100% to 250%.
  • Perfect Swing
    • Increased the dmg from the last charge from 80% to 100% when using “Tough” Tripod .
  • Big Hammer
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 11.1%.
  • Jumping smash
    • When using the “Crushing” Tri-pod , the aoe effect will be reduce but causing more dmg for the target in the middle of the hit.
    • The effect of “Thunder Hammer” tripod  change a little bit.
      • Increased the attack range by 20% and increase the AOE range for front and behind up to 20% for left and right range by 40% when using “Crushing” tripod.

Battle Master

  • Minefield
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 8.8%.
  • Super Slash
    • When applying the “Fury of Anger” tripod, the total dmg has been increased from 20% to 30%.
    • When using the “Superpower” Tripod http://lostarktree.ru/wp-content/themes/modernize/tripod_icon/lvl_3/Tripod_Tier_3_58.png, the total dmg has been increased from 50% to 80%.
  • Hellfire
    • When using “Second Place” tripod , the dmg increase effect has been increased from a 100% to 125%..
    • When using “Extraordinary ability” tripod , the total dmg has been increased from 40% to 60%.
  • Ultra instinct
    • When using “Wild Beast” tripod http://lostarktree.ru/wp-content/themes/modernize/tripod_icon/tripodicon/Tripod_Tier_2_0.png, the total dmg has been increased to 80%..
  • Fury Stance
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 15.4%.


  • Surrendering Strike
    • Energy consumption reduced by 5.
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 7.5%.
  • Manta Punch
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 12.5%.
  • Push
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 10.4%.
    • The duration of the “Destruction Field” effect has been changed from 8 seconds to 4 seconds, and the Energy cost has been reduced from 75% to 50%.
    • Reduced the effect of “Emergency Recovery” from 2 -> 1%.

Soul Mater

  • Blaster Punch
    • The dmg increase effect of the tripod “Godess divine” was increased to 7.5%, 18% and 45%.
  • Moonlight Bright
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 31.8%.
  • Force Field
    • When using the “Cruel Hand” tripod , the dmg to nearby targets has been increased from 100% to 150%.
  • Elbow Strike
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 9.1%.
    • Increased total dmg dmg from 100% to 120% when using the “Brilliant Attack” Tri-pod
  • Release
    • Increased the skill cooldown reduction effect from 3 seconds to 5 seconds when using the “Quick Prepare” Tripod

Devil Hunter

  • Plasma Blast
    • When using “Rapid Fire”, “Weakness”, “Split” Tripod in PVP will causing CC effect for opponent if they not using any skill.
  • Bomb tracker
    • Can CC opponent in PvP if they not using any skill.
  • AT02 grenade
    • Can CC opponent in PvP if they not using any skill.


  • Enchanted Firepower
    • Increased the duration of buffs from 3 to 20 seconds.
  • Howitzer
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 17.5%.
    • Increased dmg to enemies from 50% to 80% when using “Flash Cannon” tri-pod
  • Rocket Barrage
    • When using “Laser Blast” Tripod , add 40% more dmg to enemies.
    • When using “Unstoppable” tripod , reduce the dmg taken from enemies up from 30% -> 50%.
  • Flamethrower
    • Reduced skill cooldown from 24 -> 20 sec.
    • Cancel the skill halfway will reduce the mana consump as well.
  • Air force Strike
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 15.0%.

Hawk Eye

  • Death Eye
    • Increased skill duration from 5 -> 6 sec.
  • Atomic Arrow
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 29.1%.
  • Storm Arrow
    • Increased 30% dmg when using “Tidal Wave” Tripod
    • Increased the AOE when using “Split Wave” Tripod
  • Arrow Shower
    • Changing the description http://lostarktree.ru/wp-content/themes/modernize/tripod_icon/tripodicon/Tripod_Tier_2_8.png a bit but now will deal more dmg to those target have arrow marked on them, up to 10% each arrow pinned.
  • Violence Fire
    • Increased dmg Increase from 75% to 100% when using “Close Shot” tri-pod
  • Smoke arrow
    • The smoke duration increased from 4 -> 6 sec.
  • Shadow Arrow
    • Reduced target movespeed up to 50% while using normal attack after the skill animation.
  • Electric Nova
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 58.3%.
  • Snipe Shot
    • Increased dmg from 25% to 30% and 60% to 80% when reached Perfect Zone when using “Weakness” TriPod
  • Stance of glory
    • When using “Fury of Wind” tripod, changing from 100% critical chance -> increased critical rate for 30%.


  • Wind Bird
    • “Will of Nature” Tri-pod will increase your chance to gain 1 stack of identity gauge up to 50%.
  • Water Spirit
    • When using the “Mana Restore” Tripod , you have increased your mana regeneration from 100% to 200%.
  • Ancient Spear
    • Increased the casting speed from 20% to 30% when using the “Quick Cast” tri-pod


  • Basic stats change
    • Increased health receive each level from 1.8 -> 2.0.
    • Increased armor convert from gear from 70 -> 80%.
  • Stack Card
    • Increases the dmg done by each card effects by 20%.
  • Quick draw
    • Reduces dmg reduction from 80% to 20% when getting CC by player – monster
    • Added 15% evasion rate for Ghost Card effects
    • Added 20% increase mana regeneration speed to the Moon Card effect
  • Unlimited Shuffle
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 17.5%.
    • In PvP if you get hit by other player, you will get cancel in the middle of the animation.
  • Return
    • Increased 15% critical chance for party members for 3 seconds when using “Quick Expose” triphod
  • Spiral Edge
    • Increased the duration of critical dmg buff when using “Deadly Charm” Tripod from 3 -> 4 sec
  • Checkmate
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 20.0%.
  • Celestial Rain
    • Increased the chance of 0 mana consump from 50% to 75% when using the “Power Control” tri-pod
  • Four cards
    • Increased Neutralization level “Low” -> “Normal”.
  • Dark Strike
    • Increased Neutralization level “Medium” -> “High”.
  • Secret Garden
    • Removed the effect increased mana consumption when applying “Quick Preparation” tri-pod
    • Change to Increased Mana cost reduction from 50% to 75% when using “Mental focus” Tri-pod


  • Rhythm buckshot
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 11.3%.
    • When using “Focused Shot” tri-pod , increase the amount of dmg from 30% to 100%.
  • Holly Sound
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 12.5%.
  • Overcome the Storm
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 10.7%.
    • Increased the dmg increase effect from 80% to 100% when using the “Lightning Strength” Tripod http://lostarktree.ru/wp-content/themes/modernize/tripod_icon/tripodicon/Tripod_Tier_2_1.png
  • Protection of the Guardian
    • Reduced dmg receives when reached lvl 10, from 65% -> 50%.
    • Increased dmg reduction from 15% to 20% when using “Strong Guard” Tripod http://lostarktree.ru/wp-content/themes/modernize/tripod_icon/tripodicon/Tripod_Tier_2_51.png
  • Wind Music
    • Reduced cooldown reduction from 3 seconds to 2 seconds when using “Quick Prepare” Tripod
    • Reduced the “Wind God Protection” Tripod from 30% -> 25% http://lostarktree.ru/wp-content/themes/modernize/tripod_icon/tripodicon/Tripod_Tier_3_75.png
  • Symphonia
    • Increased the base dmg of the skill by 36.5%.
  • Serenade of salvation
    • Increased Serenade healing effects of “Evidence and Satan” in PVP by 20%.

■ Further update instructions


  • Fix the error for warrior type that the attack speed buff + move speed buff does not apply for all warrior type class like Berserker Redust, Warlord Shield Guard, Destroyer Spinning Hammer


  • Berserker Double Slash skill now will hit directly to the mouse pointed position and increase Cut Level


  • Fix the bug that Warlord still have shield even if he changed back to attack stance when getting CC right before changing stance.
  • Fix the bug where Warlord skill UI didn’t show up on the screen and blocking other UI.
  • Fix dmg for all his skill + tripod when it doesn’t apply correctly in PvP


  • “Vortex Gravity” skill icon has been changed.
  • Fixed a problem that when using Destroyer “Earthsmasher” in PvP are different from PvE..


  • Fix tripod error when the dmg given doesn’t show correctly as the description

Soul Master

  • Fix the error that 2nd identity gauge doesn’t reduce the skill cooldown.
  • Fix the error Poison kick debuff can be multiply many times without using the last tripod.

All others class have the same problem for tripod + skill decription doesn’t apply correctly, this is a bug from the start of OBT, so they deals with it now since there are so many complains about this stuff


For Small Change

  • Correct the location of Raid Boss when using Flare Gun.
  • Fix the issue when using skill but keep clicking moving button can causing the character walking in “Weird” direction.
  • Fix the error when the dmg reached more than 4 digit, sometime it will block the K button for some reason LOL
  • Fix the error showing in skills description when lvl 1 and lvl 10 are the same


  • Adding new PvP Ranking for team 3-3, solo 3-3. The reward will be given after every Wednesday Morning
  • The PvP point can now be exchange for better value items in the Arena NPC
  • Reduce the Points to exchange for PvP Set and increase the stats for PvP Set when using it for PvP (Special Type Option)


  • Increased the limit of high combat potion use in raid and tower to 5.
  • Adding Lock system on Costume.
  • You can exchange high battle items potion and useable items from.
    • Fortuna island
    • Greed island
    • Paradise ship
    • Pirate island
    • Secret base x301 island
  • You can now exchange giant heart for new song..
  • Those unique items quest can now be deleted or sold for NPC.
  • Every character in account can now buy the emote from Black Tooth.
  • Fix the error when you can destroy Emote Book.
  • Increased move speed when equip 3 part of Island set for both character and ship.
  • Secret map drop from chaos dungeon and chaos gate will now only be on land, no more location on the sea.

Command of Shilian

  • You can now exchange Plat Field Coin for High Combat Potion (Can be sell/trade)
  • Fix the UI appear in dark tower where it stuck at the corner of the right, not from the left
  • Increased the fishing spot reward and exp in Plat Field depend on your life skill level
  • Ancient gate for archeology life skill will now show as lvl 4 5 6 depend on the dungeon – area they found
  • Fix the error when clicking the quit button when doing cube, you lost your turn but still didn’t get the reward
  • Fix the bug when entering chaos dungeon and plat field you get kicked out right away and still lose 1 turn / 1 shilian ticket.

Espona Quest

  • Adding more quest to give you material to upgrade gear, combat potion, and even life skill equipment + materials


  • Fix error pattern for Hellga, Scorpion, All tier 3 raid
  • Reduce the difficult and increase the chance to cut the 6th and 8th Tail when fighting them
  • Raid Boss Pattern will now can be learn more easier, but still have sudden movement so be careful
  • Increased the items given from first win of each Raid
  • Element weapon will deal much more dmg than normal weapon just like their description when showing, but only have affect when you are fighting the opposite element raid boss – monster

Mail post system

  • Renew the mail box system
  • Old letter will be deleted in 1 day after received the reward / package
  • Adding money comparison from before and after received the mail package
  • Mail will be listed as unread – read message

Milestone / calendar / item dictionary

  • Upgrade Website stability.
  • Renew UI when viewing character information on website – ingame.
  • Milestone system will now show you how to upgrade your ilvl and status more precisely
  • Fix the error showing “Nothing to show” by the end of each day at 6AM (KST)
  • Fix the error when Cube achievement was divine into 3 type of cube even tho it should only be 1
  • Upgrade the calendar tooltips
  • Add new content system, now they will be at the calendar after passing 10PM (KST)
  • You can now set the alarm for each event at different time

Life Level

  • Increased reward for high level life skill
  • Reduced the time for mini game when fishing
  • Increased the chance to get higher reward from special ability from life skill tree
  • Reduce the life skill tool when getting fail in minning, haverst, fishing
  • Reduce the money to craft items from life skill material


  • Renew all UI in game and improve the game graphics, also fixing those small error from last CBT, A LOTS OF IT.

Avatar / Customizing

  • Fix error for devil hunter UI when there are no weapon on their hand in character info
  • Fix error which showing 2 different player data 1 on list friend and 1 on nearby

Chaos Gate

  • Fix the problem when entering chaos gate, players name will block the whole minimap
  • Fix the problem when entering chaos gate but the world map still showing the gate are open
  • Increased the chance to get more Chaos Fragment when participated


Vehicle – Mount

  • Fix some funny bug that when you change channel while on mount, you and your mount got separate.
  • Fix some error when you changing mount in different places
  • Fix some error where you can’t call your mount
  • Now you need to press the F2 one more time if you want to fast travel back to where you want. 1 for cancel the mount, 1 for teleport. They messed up this time LOL


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