09.01 Patch Notes: Class Balance [EN]

Note that the translated patch notes only class balance and not everything. More detailed patch notes can be found here (Korean)  

Skill builder update to 09.01




Balance Changes


  • Leap attack https://i.imgur.com/2tdolKR.png
    • When using the “Shock wave” tri-pod http://lostarktree.ru/wp-content/themes/modernize/tripod_icon/tripodicon/Tripod_Tier_2_77.png, causes stiffness instead of hard cc in PVP
  • Shield charge
    • Causes stiffness instead of hard cc
    • Increased hit determination interval from 0.2 to 0.3 seconds, and adjusted the damage
    • The total damage is the same as before
  • Counter Spear
    • “Quick Response” tri-pod , has been changed effect “deal 25% less damage, but reduce skill cooldown by 8 seconds”
  • Strength of Nellasia
    • Reduced damage reduction effect from 45% to 40%
    • When using the “Prolonged Effect” tri-pod , educed the effect duration from 4 seconds to 3 seconds
  • 가디언의 수호 (ULT)
    • Reduced the shield gauge recovery in PVP
  • A sentence of victory
    • We reduced the effect of ‘Iron Barrier’ damages from “Up to 80% of 5% per overlap” to “Up to 40% of 2.5% per overlap”
      • Only the highest effect is applied

Battle Master

  • Art: Lightning Punch
    •  and  트라이포드 적용 시, 모션 선 딜레이를 소폭 감소시켰습니다 (?)
  • Art: Tornado
    • When using “Cold storm” tripod will not cause stiffness in PVP
  • Whisper of the Wind
    • When using “Super-strong” tripod  Reduced damaged done by 46.0% in PVP
  • 승리의 문장
    • “오의 강화” no longer gives immune to status cc when you use “ART” skills in PVP


  • Chains of Resonance
    • Consumes 20 Force and creates 10 shocks

Devil Hunter

  • Summer salt shot
    • Increased attack speed
  • Agile shooting
    • Increased attack speed
    • Increased movement distance by 1m
  • Execution
    • When using “Strength” tripod even cancel or skip to other skill animation, the character has been changed to be immune to stunning

Hawk Eye

  • Death Eye
    • Increased skill duration from 5 -> 6 sec.
  • Slash Step
    • When using ‘Survival’ tripod , the effect of ‘Increase the evasion rate by 50% for 2 seconds after using the skill’ has been changed to ‘Increase the evasion rate by 50% while casting the skill’.
  • Claymore
    • When using ‘Storm Surge’ tripod Incread skill cooldown by 4 seconds
  • Charged Shot
    • Reduced damage done by 8.3% in pvp
  • Snipe
    • Reduced damage done by 8.3% in pvp
  • Silver Hawk: Final Attack
    • Reduced damage done by 13.3% in pvp


  • Dissonance
    • When using “Live chord” tri-pod , the dissonant chord has the slower speed to chase a target and increase skill cooldown by 4 seconds
  • Stigma
    • When using “Storm stigma” tri-pod , has the slower speed to chase a target and no longer cause stiffness in pvp
  • Top Performance
    • Reduced damage by 26.7% in pvp
  • Guardian Performance
    • Reduced dmg receives when reached lvl 10, from 50% -> 40%
    • When using “Wish for protection” Tripod Reduced the evasion rate from 30% to 20%
  • Mark of Victory
    • Song of Endurance increases 200 endurance
    • Song of Expertise increases 200 expertise
    • Song of Haste increases 200 haste


  • Unlimited Shuffle
    • Cause stiffness to a target who is casting skill in pvp
  • Dark Resurrection
    • Cause stiffness to a target who is casting skill in pvp
  • Call of Destiny
    • Cause stiffness to a target who is not casting skill in pvp


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